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About Nebular

At Nebular we build awesome technology

Our core principles give value to your business

Tailored Design

Our design approach is to naturally and cohesively connect to your brand’s character, outlook, and feel, so as to render a message to be remembered; aiming for impact and longevity.

Mobile First

In a mobile world, Nebular creates user experiences with a mobile first approach, bringing about solutions that go with you everywhere and adapt to any environment.

Agile Thinking

Agile development helps businesses to respond to the unpredictable modern world, focusing on frequent and consistent distribution of high quality software

Hackers & Tinkerers willing to Change The World

We are futurists, fascinated with science, art and technology; we emerged from the desire of a world where technology accompanies society at all times and allows us to make the most of our time and realize more informed decisions. We promote our vision of the future and technology conforming to life and its undertakings.

Our integrated design and engineering approach demonstrates the inescapable relationship that exists between quality of output generated in a spirit of collaboration and commitment.

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Our Services

Web Design

Websites/Web Apps

Whether you use desktop or mobile devices, from a simple Wordpress blog to a custom Ruby on Rails app, we develop beautiful and modern solutions.



Standard and customized mobile-friendly storefronts with beautiful designs and clear copy and content. Easy payment solutions through secure and high quality payment gateways like Pay Pal or Google Checkout.

Android Aps

Android Apps

Android development for every kind of device. Context-aware apps that make optimal use of sensor and user data to adapt to your customer profile and take full advantage of the moment.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Experiences that transcend the material through the interaction between man and machine; great user interfaces geared to naturally steer feelings and visual interpretations.


Customer Focus and Responsiveness drive all our projects

We are an innovation driven team, with expertise in design and development geared to capture and marry your goals and ideas with cutting-edge technologies.

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